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Client Success

I realized that it was necessary to work with Chelle, to work towards defining and accepting my vision, and feeling ready to move forward in my chosen direction. I can't thank you enough for the guidance, support, and laughs along the way.

- High school teacher educating international students

By working with a professional coach, I've been able to refine my professional goals, realign my priorities, and redefine what success means to me at this point in my life. Coaching allows for plenty of those little "AHA!" moments that help me work through stumbling blocks, turn them into stepping stones, and move towards something much greater than I could've ever imagined on my own.

- Learning and Training manager,  Alberta Health Services 

Because of her many years of experience in higher education, Jennifer understands all facets of academic life, which makes her good at helping with both nitty gritty details and the bigger picture. Her perceptive questions and sage advice have inspired me not only to rethink my priorities in the present, but also to engage in more careful consideration of my goals for the future.

- Associate Professor

Working with Jennifer was not what I expected -- it was so much deeper than just a to-do list.

- Associate Professor

Chelle supported my interview and application process for a highly competitive vertical move in my organization. She provided multiple rounds of valuable feedback. During the interview intervention sessions, she pushed me to practice responses to various questions and allow my authentic self to shine through. I definitely improved and developed stronger communication skills with her supportive coaching.

- Director of Science, Top 10 Public School system in the United States

Chelle was the career coach of my dreams. She was invested in me as a human and invested in my professional goals. She heard my wants. She was patient with me. Every time we spoke I knew she wanted me to win. I have no doubt that my current new job placement is because of her coaching skills and guidance. 

- Director of Professional Learning at an education-tech enterprise

Chelle is a shepherd, a cheering section, knowledgeable and caring. I was unsure if adding a career coach to our budget was even a good idea. Now looking back, the decision to work with her was one of the most pivotal events in my career. Chelle Johnson helped me learn so much about myself, my strengths and areas for growth. If you really aim to do better for yourself, you want Chelle on your team.

- Global Educator